Fostering a Successful Partnership

Our goal is to become your thermal system solution supplier...We strive to earn your trust and develop a sustaining partnership.

Partnerships begin with understanding our customer’s business and application needs.  Our sales, development, and fulfillment process involves a structured collaborative approach including active listening, validation of your requirements, responsiveness, and manufacturing realization.

This process develops trust by creating value for our customers. We work with you to clarify design requirements resulting in the most cost effective solution, and to establish an acceptable project schedule with detailed milestones. Frequent, candid, and effective communication ensures both parties are fully engaged with the process. Our goal is to execute the project in the established timeframe and deliver a fully compliant product.  A successfully executed project is the foundation for a sustained partnership.

Engineering Excellence

Partnering with its customers, Lytron becomes an extension of your engineering team. Our team works with you to not only optimize the design but assists in finalizing product specifications to meet your overall requirements... Learn more

Our Design Process

Every new custom liquid cooling product, including cold plates, chillers, cooling systems, and heat exchangers, begins with an understanding of your requirements... Learn more


Complete Systems Solutions

Lytron's extensive offering of cold plate, heat exchanger and cooling system technologies and our significant experience designing and manufacturing cooling systems make us an ideal partner for supplying your complete liquid cooling system.


Lytron, Partnership
Lytron's goal is to foster strong, customer-focused, mutually beneficial and long-lasting relationships with its customers.