Lytron Designs and manufactures innovative thermal solutions for the most challenging military applications.

Since 1958, Lytron has been developing innovative thermal solutions to support  state-of-the art platforms across all services. We have partnered with defense contractors leveraging our engineering experience and expertise to provide products and services that consistently meet program requirements for performance, schedule, and cost. Our advanced products are used in a vast array of mission critical systems where size, weight, thermal performance, and structural integrity are key requirements. Vacuum-brazed cold plates, chassis for electronics cooling, and plate-fin heat exchangers are just a few of the cooling technologies used in these systems.

Our engineering team utilizes the latest thermal, structural analysis, and CFD tools to design cost effective solutions and partners with our customers to ensure a successful program. Our manufacturing engineering team integrates the best Design-for-Manufacturability (DFM) principals and uses our integrated manufacturing facility to produce compliant and reliable product. Our team is ready to work for you– give us a call!



Vacuum Brazed Chassis for Electronics Cooling

This vacuum brazed chassis uses air cooling to maintain operational temperatures of electronics for advanced targeting pods. The product provides a compact, efficient and lightweight solution that meets mission critical requirements.



Coatings for Custom Heat Exchangers and Cold Plates

Custom heat exchangers and cold plates are often coated for corrosion protection or for cosmetic purposes. Chemical conversion coating, anodization, e-coating, and painting are four coating options that will help to minimize corrosion and/or result in a more attractive component... Learn more