Lytron designs and manufactures custom and standard cooling systems, recirculating chillers, cold plates, and heat exchangers for cooling medical equipment.

Today’s high-technology medical equipment requires effective cooling. As heat loads continue to increase, more and more OEM’s are turning to liquid cooling to remove high watt density heat loads for medical imaging equipment. Recirculating chillers, liquid-to-liquid cooling systems, ambient cooling systems, cold plates, and heat exchangers are a few of the cooling technologies used in medical systems' liquid cooling loops.

For more information on cooling medical lasers, including cosmetic lasers and dental lasers, please see Medical and Industrial Lasers.




Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling System for Medical Equipment

Lytron designed and built this liquid-to-liquid cooling system to meet the challenging needs of a large international medical equipment manufacturer. This cooling system has many features such as compact dimensions, custom controller, compatibility with deionized water, in-line heater, field serviceability, and more.



Factors Impacting Cooling Capacity of Recirculating Chillers

Recirculating chillers are refrigerated liquid cooling systems that are used in numerous industries including medical, military, laser, and analytical instrumentation. Chillers are used to keep a component such as laser head, detector panel, or other temperature sensitive device at a constant temperature and/or to remove waste heat and prevent overheating of critical components... Learn more