Lytron designs and manufactures high performance cooling solutions for commercial aerospace applications.

Pilatus PC24 - The Super Versatile JetLytron partners with its customer leveraging over 50 years of thermal management experience to ensure a sustainable competitive advantage for your program. Our design team works closely with you to ensure that our innovative design and program management will meet or exceed your overall program’s technical, schedule, and cost requirements. Our commercial aerospace products include custom plate-fin heat exchangers for both single or two –phase cooling, vacuum brazed cold plates for both air and/or liquid cooling, liquid cooled electronic chassis, value added assemblies, and cooling systems.



Air-To-Air Plate-fin Dual Heat Exchanger

This air-to-air dual heat exchanger was designed for the Pilatus PC-24 Aircraft. It utilizes RAM air to cool engine bleed air that is then distributed to the de-icing and environmental control systems. Lytron partnered with Pilatus to optimize the design and achieve flight certification to support entry into service.


Aircraft Liquid Cooling

Aircraft engineers today are charged with creating a More Electric Aircraft (MEA) with greater processing capabilities, while also minimizing the aircraft's weight and power consumption. With MEA, hydraulic and pneumatic systems are being replaced with electric systems... Read more